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The Pie Hole

A Pushing Daisies Community

The Pie Hole: A Pushing Daisies Community
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A community for all things Pushing Daisies

Welcome to thepiehole, LJ's longest running and most active community for Pushing Daisies, airing this fall on ABC!

Pushing Daisies airs Wednesday nights on ABC at 8/7c

The expression "pie in the sky" entered popular culture in 1911. It refers to a dessert so sweet it can only be found in "heaven," which is exactly how customers describe treats at this "googie esque eatery."

Not in the mood for pie? The "gorgeous honey crusted exterior" will change that, as "the place looks edible itself." The interior will have you thinking Jetsons and "soda fountains of yesteryear."

With fruit so ripe it tastes "like it was plucked at the height of its bloom" and baked right on the spot. "Service is snarky," and waitstaff suggestions are "always on point." "Go with your sweet tooth," and "a la mode is a la recommended." "If you're craving something before you die, dine where this Pie Maker makes his pies."

$ Hours vary, call first.


01. Spoilers: Please keep all spoilers behind an lj-cut. A spoiler is defined as anything from an episode that has not yet aired. This includes information about storylines, articles about future episodes, guest stars, promo images, and the like. If you post spoilers that are not behind an lj-cut, your post will be deleted. In addtion to spoilers about future episodes, anything from the most recently aired episode is considered a spoiler up until ONE WEEK after the episode has aired in the US.

02. Keep things on topic. Anything related to Pushing Daisies is welcome in this community. But please be aware that some things are more appropriate for your personal journal. Dreams about the show/actors, seeing a Lee Pace look-alike on the street, things of that nature, are likely not relevant to the community at large, and should be posted in your personal journal, rather than in thepiehole.

03. Please do not discuss the illegal acquisition of episodes in this community. In addition, please do not post anything that can be illegally downloaded in this community. We love this community. We hope you do too. The worst thing would be to have this community shut down because of discussion of illegal activities. So just don't do it.

04. Read the community before posting. Please do not post something if it has been posted before. The best way to check for this is to read the community, or check the tags. No one likes seeing the same thing over and over again. In addition, please do not disable comments on your posts. It makes them difficult to tag, and makes it impossible for people to respond.

05. And lastly, be nice. We will not tolerate any trolling, flaming, or remarks of an offensive nature in this community. This is a happy show - let's try and keep it a happy community.


Community FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions, and their answers. Also includes links to other Pushing Daisies-related websites and communities.
Community Tags: Please search through the tags to find a post or to see if something has already been posted.

If you have any questions, concerns, vast amounts of praise, or need to speak to a mod for any reason, please send us an email. We can be reached at piehole.mods@gmail.com.

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